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Onsite Field Asset Services

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OnSite Field Services, LLC is a network comprised of highly qualified contractors, trade experts and large companies who specialize in providing for your field service needs. Servicing multiple industries including financial services, governmental, maritime, and real estate, our service providers can provide you with the on site expertise you need. Our associates coordinate research, allocate resources and apply experience through a single web based field operations management system. Whether you need our staff to inspect, construct, manage, or review, we are standing by to assist.

Property Preservation Services

OnSite provides professional crews specializing in property preservation. We partner with mortgage servicers, banks & financial institutions, real-estate agents, attorneys, portfolio managers, construction firms, and home builders. OnSite offers real-time reports from the field. Property preservation services coverage area, nationwide. Propert Preservation

Field Asset Management Services

Our staff maintains high availability for hands on management of preferred client special projects. Managing field tasks, construction oversight, and third party quality control allows client us to focus on getting what you need done taken care of in the field. Throughout this process, we maintain and encourage communication to capture the center point value in the mission. Asset Management

Asset Inspection Services

OnSite Field Services will accurately inspect the field asset or property accurately. Our asset inspection services will be completed based on client or asset managers needs at various stages of the project. Onsite provides cost-effective, real-time asset inspection services for lenders, investors and owners. Our services include REO properties, foreclosures and special inspections. Asset Inspection

Asset Construction & Repair Services

OnSite Field Services will manage all asset repairs and rehabilitation based on clients request. Our licensed, insured qualified team of contractors will provide cost effective recommendations and a cost analysis to the asset manager. Field asset repairs are conducted and coordination with the asset manager and local agent. Coverage area for field asset repair services is nationwide. Asset Repair

Contractor Networking Services

We connect contractors with potential clients. Bringing reputable contractor relationships in touch with our insurance direct repair programs and field service clients.

Contractor Consulting Services

Our services analyze this opportunity and provide management consulting support for contractors. Please get in touch with us and click here to register with us as a provider.

Thank you OnSite for your help and support over the holiday weekend. The field audit went great and my client was extremely satisfied.

C. Cook Atlanta, Georgia

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